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How you helped ArtiCation become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses or wears our handcrafted gifts, knows they are rocking an authentic treasure that gives back to the environment. An experience worthy of your ultimate inner Environmentalist, Eco-Warrior, & Explorer.

– Kyle // Director of Design

Our 'Why'...

The environment needs us to fight for clean air and water today! It is up to us to take a stand. Our everyday shopping and gift giving habits reflect who we are at the core. Make your purchasing power count, give a gift that gives back!
My name is Kyle: eco-warrior, mother, wife, and creator of ArtiCation Studio.

While there are many ‘gifts for charity’ companies out there, the quality of some are very subpar and they do not stand behind their products. Not only that but they give back very little of their proceeds to charity.

What we create here are quality handcrafted bracelets. We use only genuine gemstones and sterling silver components. Our donations are made on a monthly basis and go well above 10% in most cases.
These are the answer to unique quality gifts that donate back and will be cherished for many years to come.

Our handcrafted bracelets and gifts have given back to 4 nonprofits each month for over a year now. Feel good knowing you are making a positive impact for the Sierra Club, Protect Our Winters, Nature Conservancy and Surfrider Foundation and the future of the planet and all inhabitants.

Our mission is to leave a positive impact on the environment now and for future generations for years to come.

Much Love Fellow Eco-Warriors,

Director of Design // ArtiCation Studio

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhi

Our Story...

Before we created ArtiCation Studio, we were happy completing creative projects here and there for friends and family.

Then one day my husband made me a gemstone bracelet to commemorate a peaceful march I attended.
He took the time to pick out each gemstone one by one, and it turned out so beautiful. 

I quickly realized our love of creating could be combined with our love of environment and giving back to inspire positive changes for the future of our planet.

I became concerned that no one would like the art, jewelry, sewing or any of our designs.

But then…

we received a lot of positive feedback and interest.

We decided to make it our mission and handcraft the most unique, high-end, eco-conscious treasures for the fiercest earth defending warriors and explorers in the activist world!
Are you an Eco-Warrior? Eco-Explorer? A fan of brands that give back?

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than we ever imagined.

Beta testing jewelry on friends and family, an Etsy shop, all the marketing and branding that go into a successful product launch became overwhelming and it just seemed like our products would never take off.

Everyone reassured us that the time and work would all be worth it, and we really do believe that our products can bring positive changes for all earth dwellers. 

The biggest fear through the process…

was that no one else would believe, as wholeheartedly that, as a community, we each have the power to make small changes that create greater impacts every day.

The best outcome we could have asked for…

Through it all, we released our first product lines and the response has been Overwhelmingly *ECO-Amazingly Positive.

*ECO-Amazing = the feeling that you get when you buy or receive our products knowing that you made a positive change.


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