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Küat NV 2.0 Bike Rack Review

Küat NV 2.0 Bike Rack Review

Küat NV 2.0 with Add On

I would highly recommend this Küat NV 2.0 Bike Rack and Add-on product to any cyclist or family. It is a bomb-proof bike rack and looks great! We put thousands of miles of highway and dirt road travel on this rack and I never felt like our bikes were in danger. 

As a family of five, we had 4 bikes on the rack and 1 (20″ tire bike in the trunk). 

We compared prices and availability at REI co-op, Amazon & Küat Racks before finding the rack and add-on at our local bike shop!


  • Easy to load and unload: 
    Takes only minutes to load four bikes.
  • Bombproof design: no worries while traveling. 
  • Integrated cable locks: work great with a sleek design. 
  • 20-24″ Wheel Adapter: allows our smallest 20″ tire bike to ride on the rack when only 4 of us head to the trail.


  • Very heavy with four bikes: Need two people to use the foot assist for trunk access.
  • Can only fit four bikes: With three children we have one 20” tire bike in the trunk. 
  • With four bikes it covers up taillights on the car: We had to make our own to feel safe on the road. 

Detailed Breakdown of Features Küat NV 2.0

1. Foot Assisted Pivot System

Works great for trips to the store and accessing the trunk if no bikes are on it. The NV is already a heavy rack, add four bikes to it and now you need two people to drop it to access the trunk. Even with two people dropping the NV 2.0 was a tough job. We chose to access the trunk by sliding back seats forward instead of using the trunk. With this said the feature was still helpful, the rack did not leave our car for the entire year.

2. Integrated Cable Locks

Amazing!!!! After biking we like to head to other locations like beaches, local restaurants, or a spot to spend the night. The cable locks were easy to use and looked great. The X2 add-on does have a separate set of keys from the NV 2.0 base rack. This made it a little frustrating at times making sure you always had the correct key.

3. Adjustable Tire Cradles

With two 29” and two 26” tire bikes on the rack at all times, the adjustable tire cradles made loading the bikes easy. The adjustable cradles operate with a single allen bolt and move easily. The allen wrench is stored in the rack facing the car above the receiver. This is a great function. It only took a few minutes to adjust the rack for our bikes. Didn’t have to touch it again for the entire season.

4. Trail Doc

Great idea, luckily, we never had to use it for a repair. We did use the trail dock to mount a pair of taillights to. With four bikes it is difficult to see blinker or brake lights. Adding a set to the back being held by the trail doc was a great safety upgrade for us.

5. Front Tire Ratchet

This made loading bikes a breeze and was one of our children’s favorite things to help with. It also stabilizes the bike while you tighten the rear tire strap. Removing the bikes is as easy as placing them on. Loading and unloading of four bikes only take 5 minutes. It is one of the easiest parts of packing the family up for a ride.

6. Assembly and Installation

There are quite a few pieces to put together, but the detailed instruction made it easy. Make sure you have a ratcheting wrench for the assembly since it will make it a lot easier. The hand-tight cam made it easy to mount it our vehicle. The rack tightened into place and then gets locked in. We did not have to make any adjustments for the season once installed.

Where to Buy

Check Amazon’s latest prices below, or Shop REI CO-OP , KÜAT Racks

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