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Making a Dowel Joint Desk Base

Brett had fun building this desk base & learned a lot about drill bits!
This base is for a set of 3 resin top, standing desks. We’re still pouring and creating the tops.

To see the Castle Joint Desk Base we built for the other set of 3 standing desks,
visit:… or On our website

We used this Rubio Monocoat to finish this Desk Base: 

Repurposed pallets – Woodworking projects! We are very lucky to find nice hardwood among discarded pallets near us. Rather than see the oak head to the fire or trash, we visit the dumpster pile each week and see what’s there. We hope you enjoy the journey each pallet takes to becoming a functional piece.


We’ve enjoyed finished our wood projects with Rubio Monocoat.
The Zero VOC2 makes us feel like we are choosing a cleaner/safer option for our desks.