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Eleanor, 11: beginner, LOVE IT! I love all the jumps at the end of the trail, the seesaw, the downhills and the fun features

Most beginner & intermediate skill levels will be happy at this woodsy trail just outside of Muskegon in Wolf Lake, MI.

The green Faz track winds for 2.6 miles from the parking lot & back.

The blue Matrix trail, 3.2miles, is accessed at 2 points following the Faz track.

Mind the walkers, runners and dogs, as always share the trail and be respectful.


Fun features and climbs for beginner to intermediate riders to enjoy.

Green Faz track is a great alternative for young beginners who might only be able to handle 1 lap on the Matrix. It features a few bumps, sandy berms, and tight turns to practice your bike skills.

A mostly well-maintained port-a-john on site is enough for us. Nice changing areas are also available.

SeeSaw/Teeter-totter for a little fun pre or post rides.

Cons: None that we have found yet as long as you don’t mind riding multiple laps for a good workout.

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